The Association “Archivio Aurelio C.” means to keep alive his thought, his cultural spirit and to guarantee the correct information on his works and, in particular:

Preservation: To preserve, file, catalogue, the material present in the archives of Aurelio C.;

Archiving: To create a collection of documents (photographs, letters, publications, catalogues, etc.) and offer a service to ease the consultation of information, documentation and collections on the works of Aurelio C.;

Valorisation: To catalogue and promote all the works produced by Aurelio C. along his entire artistic career; creation of the General Catalogue;

Promotion: To promote and organize cultural events for painting, sculpture, poetry, design and architecture, as these were the pillars of Aurelio C.’s cultural spirit;

Information: To guarantee the correct information on the works of Aurelio C. to promote cataloguing and knowledge, the correct preservation of his works and the well-deserved historical, critical and cultural attention;


Aurelio C. - Istinti ai primordi - 1994