“I am against the artist and I’d like to have the freedom to be just a painter and a sculptor, to capture with my means, the tools of my work, the images within people’s desires, to take them as a need of mine and translate them in evocative and sacred forms – because I believe in people’s creativity and not in the creativity of individuals”

(Aurelio C., 1969)

Aurelio C. 03 - 1970


In a career long over 60 years, Aurelio C. became an important character of the Italian figurative painting.

Since his first steps in Rome in 1948 as a scholar of Corrado Cagli during Abstractism and, then, at the side of Mario De Micheli in “Arte Contro” and in the years of Realism with his paintings against the Vietnam war, the murals in Valenza and Carpi, those in Central-America, until his senior years and the cycle of the “Grande Mela”, Aurelio left in the Italian art and culture a significant and original mark.

Aurelio C. - La terrazza - 1995


Aurelio was a poet, writer, sculptor, but above all a painter. With a natural talent, in his long artistic career he has mastered most of the expressive techniques: oil painting, tempera, watercolor, acrylic, collages, drawing in china and with pastels, and always with remarkable results. Numerous and valuable “multiple” works: lithographs, serigraphs and etchings.


The Association “Archivio Aurelio C.” means to keep alive his thought, his cultural spirit and to guarantee the correct information on his works and, in particular:


To preserve, file, catalogue, the material present in the archives of Aurelio C.


To create a collection of documents (photographs, letters, publications, catalogues, etc.) and offer a service to ease the consultation of information, documentation and collections on the works of Aurelio C.


To promote and organize cultural events for painting, sculpture, poetry, design and architecture, as these were the pillars of Aurelio C.’s cultural spirit.


To guarantee the correct information on the works of Aurelio C. to promote cataloguing and knowledge, the correct preservation of his works and the well-deserved historical, critical and cultural attention.



If interested in being informed on Aurelio C. and his Works, please contact us.

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